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“ Love comes from passion, passion comes from love " 

The Founders and their passion

Family Fabrics is truly a Dutch family business, founded by two sisters, Marijke and Lieke, and their brother Leendert. Family Fabrics wants to share their passion and love for fabrics and prints and makes it available to everyone. Now you can also experience the Family Fabrics feeling!

It all started as a dream. From scratch on by making baby clothes at home with fabrics that could be better; better in design, better in quality and better in the variety of designs. The only possibility to have the product that complied to all our acceptations was to start designing fabrics of our own. The dream was not a dream anymore and became a highly intense roller coaster ride.

From searching for the best fabricate till making designs that would suit the whole family. And so the name Family Fabrics was born…..

Family Fabrics became a professional company with a team of 20 people, having an own warehouse and office with production facilities in Friesland (The Netherlands) and being a distributor of fabrics worldwide.

The fabrics of Family Fabrics

We offer various qualitative (raw) fabrics with exclusive prints. The fabrics of Family Fabrics are designed and produced in the Netherlands.

All our fabrics have the Oeko-tex certificate, which guarantees that our textiles are produced in a sustainable way, in which people and the environment are taking care of. Socially and environmentally awareness is the key factor of everything we do.

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Sustainable manufacturing

Our advanced printing technique contributes to a low as possible ecological impact. This form of printing is based on pigment, which ensures a durable color transfer and keeps the color fixated on the fabric. As a result, we reduce the use of water and energy and, due to our own production facilities in the Netherlands, we have a smaller “footprint” compared to other ways of printing and production.

The sustainable production method has no influence on the quality and appearance of the fabric. Softness and safety for the skin is guaranteed!

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This is what we offer

Custom printing 

Family Fabrics now offers custom designed fabric printing. Your design of choice is printed by Family Fabrics in the quality you are used to. A unique, high-quality and fast way to surprise your customers. Adding your own custom design to your assortment contributes to a higher standard of personalization.

  • Your own unique design - From 1 meter
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Shipped from within 24 hours


Are you a fashion brand or a reseller and are interested in our design? Our website is set up that you can buy from 1 meter up to 50+ meters per design. No need to contact us to get started. We also offer a sample in case you like to see it in real first!

  • 6, 10, 30, 50 meter pricing
  • Up to 25 substrates to order your design on
  • Be able to change color way from 30 meter
  • Shipped worldwide within 5 days

OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certificate

Family Fabrics has various fabrics of high quality. The fabrics of Family Fabrics are mainly produced in the Netherlands. All our fabrics have the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which guarantees that our textiles have been produced in a sustainable way. Textiles of the highest quality with the least possible impact on people and the environment. Together we contribute to a smaller “footprint”.

  • Local production
  • Sustainable fabrics
  • Low footprint
  • Protect the environment

Direct to Consumer

Dive into a treasure trove of fabrics that cater to every sewing whim. From vibrant prints to classic solids, we curate a collection that spans the spectrum of creativity. Our fabrics are carefully selected for their superior quality, ensuring that your projects not only look stunning but stand the test of time.

  • From 100 cm per print
  • Shipped within 2-5 working days depending

" We are a
little bit fabric lunatic."

Join the Family

We hope that our designs and different types of fabrics will inspire you. Do you inspire us? Order your favorite fabric and design and choose from our large and varying collection or have us print your own unique design. Welcome to the world of Family Fabrics! Our passion and creativity are our greatest daily motivation. We are committed to this for the full 100% and we work closely together to offer you a product we are proud of. 

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Feel free to contact Lenny van Pel of Family Fabrics to discuss your wishes and get informed about the divers print solutions & process

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