Are you a reseller, fashion designer or fashion label and want to shop?

Everyone can benefit from lower prices when purchasing larger quantities per design/uni color, so you don't need a wholesale account anymore. You can order from one meter, but also per 6, 10, 30 and 50 meters per design/type of fabric. Uni colors can be ordered in quantities per meter and per 6 and 10 meters. The prices of 10 meters are almost the same as our previous wholesale prices. The more you order, the more attractive the price. 

If you have a EU VAT number, you must fill it in during the ordering process and pay the rates excluding VAT. You will then pay the VAT/taxes later in your own country. 

When you live outside the EU, you don't fill in a VAT number. Based on your address, the prices excluding VAT are automatically displayed. You then pay the import costs and taxes in your own country.
For the amount of taxes/duties/import costs, we advise you to inquire with the local tax authorities.

Keep in mind that if you want to sell the fabrics per meter, the prices must at least match our prices per meter.