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sustainable manufacturing

Its a Green Choice

Our advanced printing technique contributes to a low as possible ecological impact. This form of printing is based on pigment, which ensures a durable color transfer and keeps the color fixated on the fabric. As a result, we reduce the use of water and energy and, due to our own production facilities in the Netherlands, we have a smaller “footprint” compared to other ways of printing and production.The sustainable production method has no influence on the quality and appearance of the fabric. Softness and safety for the skin is guaranteed!

100% handmade soap bar

Oeko-te 100 certified

The fabrics of Family Fabrics

We offer various qualitative (raw) fabrics with exclusive prints. The fabrics of Family Fabrics are designed and produced in the Netherlands.

All our fabrics have the Oeko-tex certificate, which guarantees that our textiles are produced in a sustainable way, in which people and the environment are taking care of. Socially and environmentally awareness is the key factor of everything we do. users and environmentally friendly.

GOTS Certified inks

The Inks of Family Fabrics

The TERRA offers superior results, including excellent wet and dry fastness, while using less time, water, and energy are the key benefits of EFI Reggiani TERRA pigment solution. TERRA also provides perfect printing definition and color intensity with an eight-color configuration that includes red, blue, orange, and green inks in addition to the standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black.