Christiane Zielinski

Family Fabrics proudly presents exclusive new designs. As a true family business, Family Fabrics joins forces with artistic and extremely creative designers. In addition to the authentic Family Fabrics designs, we will also be offering exclusive designs from other designers starting the 1st of March. Designers who ensure that our fabric range offers an even wider choice of designs for young and old. Art and colors printed in a sustainable way. 

Hi, my name is Christiane Zielinski. As a child, I loved to draw and painted a lot. And then when I grew up I first studied graphic design and then I art therapy bc (Bachelor of Arts Therapies) in the Netherlands.

I love designing patterns and fabrics. Since 2019 I mainly design fabrics for fabric suppliers and in 2021 I founded an online shop called Bella Blommig, where I only sell my own designed fabrics, but this is more of a sideline because I just love the fabric to hold in my hands and I got more and more requests to sell my designs also on fabric. I have always loved fabrics and fashion and I also like to sew, but unfortunately there is often not enough time left for it. Especially I love structured fabrics such as muslin, rib jersey and waffle jersey.

I prefer to paint flowers and animals in watercolor. My designs are very flexible in terms of style, but you can say that I've always liked the bohemian style, flowery, playful or even minimalist design. But it also depends on which style is currently in demand. I am married, live in the countryside and have a son and 2 pug dogs. In my free time I like to be in our garden and do nice things with my family.

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